6 football prodigies players with ‘criminal’ records

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All footballers are used to being in their coach’s lineup, but some have become used to being in a police lineup too.

Here, we take a look at 11 players who have had legal troubles off the pitch and who would form a dangerous team in an entirely different sense.

Goalkeeper: Bruno Fernandes

He was condemned to 22 years in jail for requesting the homicide of the mother of his child.

Right-back: Serge Aurier

He was condemned to two months in prison for ambushing a cop on out of a dance club.

Focus back: Ruben Semedo

The Villarreal focus back is right now in authority, having been denied bail in the wake of being blamed for endeavored murder.

Focus back: Breno Rodrigues

Having set his home ablaze in Germany, the Brazilian protector was condemned to three years and nine months.

Left-back: Alexis Zarate

The Argentine was given a sentence of six years and a half year for assault.

Midfielder: Adam Johnson

The Englishman was condemned to six years in prison on an offense of sexual movement with a minor.

Midfielder: Joey Barton

The Englishman served 74 days of a six-month sentence for an ambush.

Midfielder: Yordan Letchkov

The Bulgarian was condemned to two years in jail for maltreatment of intensity during his time as the city hall leader of his old neighborhood.

Midfielder: Ricardo Centurion

The Racing Club striker was discovered attempting to pay off a cop and could confront a charge of one to six years in prison.

Striker: Michele Padovano

The previous Juventus player was discovered managing drugs and was condemned to eight years and eight months.

Striker: Robinho

He was as of late condemned to a nine-year prison sentence for partaking in an assault in Milan in 2013.

Mentor: Elkin Moncada

He was James Rodriguez’s first mentor and he was bolted up for pedophilia.

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