Ghana Police Can Never Arrest Me, I Was Humbly Invited – Obinim Speaks After His Arrest

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Bishop Obinim talks after his capture

As prior revealed by, police staff raged Obinim’s congregation in Accra on Thursday, May 14, 2020, while he was having a guiding meeting.

The police are accounted for to have appropriately educated Obinim that they had a warrant to capture him to proceed to respond to a couple of inquiries.

After becoming aware of the capture warrant, Obinim requested to go inside his office and he came back to educate the police that he was not well.

As indicated by reports, Obinim about fell and must be raced to a close-by clinic for treatment as the police stuck around.

In any case, in an announcement discharged, Obinim demonstrated that he was not captured by just welcomed by the police.

The announcement marked by Obinim’s extraordinary associate, Richard Jackson, further expressed that however, Obinm’s attorneys needed to speak to him at the police central station it was not because he was raced to the clinic as revealed.

As indicated by him, Obinim had a planned clinical arrangement that had been exhorted by his primary care physicians and it corresponded with the polite greeting.

“Under no circumstance should anyone lie to you Angel Obinim has been rushed to the hospital. I urged the public to disregard all such rumors as there is no truth in it that he has being arrested by Ghana Police,”

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