Hidden Truths; Ofankor Landlord shot and killed tenant over a woman – Police investigations reveal

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Introductory police examinations have uncovered that the 38-year-old landowner who shot and slaughtered his inhabitant, Spark Benjamine had some difference over a lady.

In an interview on Accra-based Peace FM, DSP George Asare, of the Mile 7 District Police Commander disclosed that Victor Stephen Nana Kankam (landlord) amongst other issues had an unhealthy relationship with the deceased.

DSP Asare said the landlord showed romantic interest in a woman the deceased was very close to and asked the deceased for help to win the woman’s affection.

“Information reaching us is that the landlord is a womanizer. Another lady also confirmed that indeed, he is into lots of women. The landlord told the tenant that he likes a certain woman who he was very ‘free’ with, so he (the deceased) should ‘link’ him to the girl,” DSP George

Asare expressed. He further revealed that the deceased prevailing with regards to helping the landlord flash a sentimental issue with the woman. Nonetheless, the deceased liaised with the woman to drain the landlord’s pocket, as she mentioned for a few entireties of cash and endowments from the landowner.

“The deceased agreed to connect the two of them, and the girl, with assistance from the deceased spent lots of the landlord’s money,” DSP Asare added.


The landlord, having understood the ‘partnership’ between the deceased and the lady to empty his pockets, devised a way to take his revenge by ensuring that the deceased moved out when his rent was due.

The perished, 31-year-old Benjamin Otchere in contention with the landlord requested sufficient opportunity to pack out for the house after his rent payment was due on Sunday, May 24.

In the warmth of the contention, the landlord who had an AK47 rifle on him, purportedly fired Otchere at short proximity harming him truly. He shot the deceased on multiple occasions, focusing on the penis, stomach, and chest territory of his body. DSP Asare furthermore included that before the terrible incident, the deceased trusted in a friend who is a police in the region about dangers he got from the landlord.

He reasoned that further examinations will be done to divulge all the shrouded certainties.

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