Is Kim Jong- Un In Hiding?

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North Korea, the country riddled with secrets it’s hard to say, what goes on in that country. We can only make assumptions the mysterious disappearance of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has been sparking news for the past couple of days, is he dead? is he in hiding? we barely know anything about him he keeps his life pretty secretive we don’t know his true age some say he’s 36 others assume he is 38 what’s for sure is that he is one of the youngest leaders in the world.

We also don’t know much about his childhood he doesn’t publish any photos, in 2014 one photo of him as a kid was shown on screen during a big military holiday in North Korea but nobody even knows for sure if that’s a picture of him so where is this man of mysteries rumors began after people notice that Kim was absent from public events.

Official statements and the state media Kim was reported to be last seen on April 11th by the state media on April 15th he missed the birth anniversary of North Korea’s founding father his grandfather.

This is a very important event for North Korea and he has never once missed it in fact, one of Kim’s former diplomats told news outlets that and I quote Kim jong-un is not only the leader of North Korea but he is the grandson of Kim sung to North Korean eyes, it is abnormal he said that his absence proves that there is something wrong with him then on April 25th Kim missed another major event it was the military foundation day where they had their annual parade another huge event for North Korea and he did not attend after dismissing claims that Kim is dead.

South Korea’s unification minister Kim Yong Chul has revealed that his government is aware of Kim’s location. Although he didn’t say exactly where he claims that the leader is hiding out with fears of the ongoing virus he said and I quote I don’t think that it is particularly unusual given the current situation so he believes that Kim is just self-isolating due to a fear of catching it he probably doesn’t want to seem like a scaredy-cat so he decided to just go into hiding without letting others know he wants to keep up his big tough-guy.

Act letting it slip that he is afraid of the virus may damage his appearance now what’s odd is how North Korea claims that there has not been a single virus case on its territory if this is true then why is Kim hiding out as a result.

People are now questioning this claim, it may be false they may be riddled with cases and are just lying north Korea has always wanted to seem like a superior country not having any cases could make them appear to be stronger than other countries, that are being devastated by.

It like look at us we are still all healthy no reported cases here, guess who’s the better country now but if it’s the opposite this means they haven’t received any outside help and are potentially failing to contain the virus enough so to make Kim fear for his own life and safety on top of that it is believed that one of Kim’s bodyguards was suspected to have been affected with the virus and that’s what caused Kim to flee so where exactly.

Is he hiding out? well, last week aerial photos showed Kim’s train near his resort in Wan San people think that he took his private train to Wan San and is currently living in his private villa Kim Yeon Shah also said that Kim Jong-hoon also canceled other celebrations and banquets in North Korea because of concerns of the virus so this proves that he was paranoid and was starting to take measures against it at least measures for his safety, not the rest of his countries but a shadow.

Carroll CEO of Korea risk group said that if he is trying to avoid infection he should be able to release photos or videos of himself to say so to dismiss all these death rumors the fact that he hasn’t made him believe something else has happened to him now u.s. President Donald Trump has also been hounded by the media lately he is constantly being asked for statements regarding Kim on April 27th Trump said that he has a good idea of how Kim is doing and hopes he is fine but would not elaborate any further he also said ” I don’t want to, comment on it I just wish him well I wish him well “well that sounds like something you would say just someone is ill.
Donald Trump may have been informed that Kim contracted the virus from his bodyguard or maybe he did suffer from a botched heart surgery like others claimed to try and locate Kim.

U.s. sent over five spy planes to gather information on him specifically some planes were sent over the resort where he has thoughts to be hiding out, however, nothing has been reported yet but Kim might not even be hiding out there, this is all just speculation he might be in a completely different location altogether now.
Kim has had a history of diet-related illnesses on top of that his father died of a heart attack unconfirmed reports claimed that Kim was rushed to the hospital after falling to the ground clutching his chest some say that China even flew in a medical team to help Kim they then believe that on April 12th he underwent heart surgery that went wrong.

Chinese journalist and niece of one of the country’s foreign ministers Shi Han Geng’s said that a very solid source told her that Kim is indeed dead she posted this on the Chinese social media site Weibo where she has over 15 million followers on top of that and a parent doctored photo of Kim has been circulating the web the photo shows camel laying dead in a glass coffin although North Korean officials say that the photo is fake people are questioning

Maybe the photo is indeed real but they want people to think otherwise they don’t want others knowing that their country has been weakened without their leader and this is why they aren’t releasing any statements regarding Kim.

Furthermore, a former North Korean diplomat said and I quote I’m not quite sure whether he’d had some surgery or whatever but one thing is clear he cannot stand up by himself or walk properly so Kim may have been experiencing some health conditions that he hasn’t been publicly disclosing now this isn’t the first time that Kim has mysteriously disappeared without a traceback in 2014 he vanished for over a month when he returned he was shown walking with a limp meaning he could return out of the blue without addressing his absence but when he returns people speculate that he won’t be the same. Source: jayices360.

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