Sisters Love: Woman trims her hair ‘Sakora’ in solidarity with twin sister on cancer treatment

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A lady in New Zealand courageously shaved her head alongside her twin sister, who was not long ago diagnosed with cancer.

The lady said her sister was diagnosed to have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 6, 2020. Due to coronavirus lockdown, she had to start her chemotherapy treatment alone in the emergency clinic

Directly from the earliest starting point, they were together. So when 25-years of age twin sisters Joella and Joanna Lee-Lo got the staggering news that one of them had cancer, there was no chance the other one was going to let her sibling go through it alone.

At the point when 25-years of age twin sisters Joella and Joanna Lee-Lo got the staggering news one of them had malignant growth, they concluded they will experience it together

May 16, of the Auckland lady shaving her hair in solidarity with her twin sister who was undergoing treatment for leukemia

“Today [Joanna] decided to show just how brave and strong she was by shaving her head so treatments could be easier,” Joella wrote. “I could not let her go through with it alone so I decided we will do it together just like everything else we have done before…you are a fighter and we will fight together,” she added.

In the video shared on social media, the two young ladies were seen sitting close to one another in the family room.

Their grandma moves toward first and gives Joanna a kiss, before proceeding onward to her other granddaughter. Holding some scissors in one hand and Joanna’s long dark hair in the other, the elderly brother is overwhelmed with feelings and starts to cry. As every relative, including their mom, who essentially can’t force herself to trim Joanna’s hair, approaches, there are tears and the twins can be seen holding each other’s hand firmly. One of their older brothers quietly cuts Joanna’s hair before he comes over to hold his sister for a couple of moments, , all three siblings now in tears at that moment.

As the sisters become balder and balder, tears turn into laughter at times as each gets new looks. At the point when the work is at last done, the sisters dissolve into one another’s arms for a long, mournful embrace. Joanna was diagnosed to have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia disease on April 6, 2020, after ceaseless grievances of a sore back and has been accepting chemotherapy Within long periods of setting off to the hospital, Joanna was moved to Auckland City Hospital to begin chemotherapy treatment

“As devastating the news was, my sister had to start her treatments straight away,” said Joella “Because of lockdown, she had to do it all alone in the hospital without her family there to hold her hand and wipe her tears when she needed it,” she added.

As indicated by her, the only contact the family had with her sister was through video calls and messages. It was a difficult time for their family yet, particularly for her sister. Joanna was permitted to return home for certain days however was taken to the medical clinic again on Tuesday, May 19, , night due to dehydration.


Joella says her family has been appealing to God for Joanna “day and night” and she has remained valiant all through her treatment. The Facebook post has now gotten in excess of than 12 million views, 151,000 comments, and 450,000 shares with people from all over the world sharing prayers for Joanna.

“What a beautiful family sticking through all this together. Our prayers with your sister and all the family and may God give you all strength to battle forward,” one commenter wrote. “A lot of strength and wisdom. You will beat it and are strong and able to overcome all this,” one person wrote in Portuguese.

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